What is GUN-i-FLEX and the reason for your benefits

Weapons are at an angle because there is not enough space for optics

oops, the gun cabinet probably fit the wallet here, but not the gun. A dilemma.

The origin gun holder is too close to the back wall to store optics too

oops, the gun probably fit the wallet, but not the standard gun holder. Another dilemma.

GUN-i-FLEX family of three holder types

So unfortunately we had no choice but to invent the GUN-i-FLEX gun holder.

GUN-i-FLEX is variable because it has a magnetic base holder. Whether you want to adjust a longer or a shorter weapon, whether further to the left or right, whether further up or down, you place GUN-i-FLEX in your gun cabinet exactly where you need it, whether on the back wall or the side walls.

GUN-i-FLEX is flexible because it has a practical extendable weapon fork. The new large target optics require more space? Do you expand your weapon with additional attachments such as a night vision device? Are you bothered by a long chamber handle? No problem: GUN-i-FLEX gives your ideas the space you need.

GUN-i-FLEX is individual because it is available in three sizes S, M & L, which create wall distances of 61 to 214mm. You can even integrate a second row of guns in suitable cabinets. With GUN-i-FLEX you can customize your capacity.

If you have smaller guns that does not reach the origin gun holders, GUN-i-FLEX is the solution.

GUN-i-FLEX benefits you space for optics

If your optics are too large for the origin gun holders, GUN-i-FLEX is the solution.

GUN-i-FLEX can be placed at rear wall or side walls

Rear wall - side wall: you can place GUN-i-FLEX whereever you want, whereever your gun needs it. That's your best benefit.

Now that you have gotten to know the advantages of GUN-i-FLEX, we would like to present you the

HUNTER gun cabinet series

with the GUN-i-FLEX gun holders.